"Love is Who We Are" (excerpt) The Ten Things to Do When Your Life Falls Apart: An Emotional and Spiritual Handbook — Daphne Rose Kingma

Tarlton Original Oil Painting Ballerina Dancer art eBay 006i
---Windswept Dancer by Karen Tarlton

Love is who we are. Somewhere we already know this, but the beauty of difficult times is that in them we actually get to see that love shows up in a thousand ways—to hold us.

That the beloved no matter what he or she may look like is always there to find us, to travel with us through our pain. Even in the darkest hours love will come and find you. It may not come in the way, shape or form you imagined, but it will come to you. Like the woman standing among the stretchers on the battlefield holding a single candle in the dark, love will surely come and find you. Like the carpet of new grass springing up on the side of the fire-charred mountains, like the raindrops of a summer thunder shower sizzling on the sidewalk after decimating months of drought, love will come and find you.

Love is always here in our midst and even now when it feels like your world is coming apart it will come and find you. As the mother reaches out through the crowd for the hand of her child, love will come and find you. As the Beloved wraps his arms around his lovers waist, as daylight wraps itself around the dark, so love, even in these hard dark hours, will surely come and find you.

Love has thousands of names and millions of faces, it will give you everything and ask for only one thing in return, that it may come and wear your face, that you will let it use your name.