"Finding Yin" – Bei Kuan-tu

“In Tune” by Rosemary Kim Bal

Reading Walter Isaacson’s biography on the life of Steve Jobs, I came across a line early in the book where Jobs states, “The idealistic wind of the sixties is still at our backs, and most of the people I know who are my age have that ingrained in them forever.” I am a product of that idealism. Not that I can’t be as critical or cynical as the next guy, but there is a well-spring inside me that has always believed in the potential for human growth and personal enlightenment. I realize that climbing a stairwell to infinity is a perplexing notion, and logically (in this human existence) unattainable. But I have learned that it is not so much the goal, but rather the process itself that is most rewarding. In planting a young seedling it is not the mature tree that the planter witnesses, it is the wonderment of the seasons and long arduous trek the tree participates in towards maturity. The planter is simply immersed in the miracle of each season.

Yes, the sixties pushed the envelope: politically, economically, socially and maybe most importantly, spiritually (the term “spiritually” is not meant as an adherence to a doctrine or dogmatic equation). As this writer has often pondered,
“The Tao” (God; Life Force, The Universe, that which exceeds our intellect, etc.) exists as something beyond our best attempts at conceptualization.” How could it be otherwise?

If life, as any of us know it, is what a grain of sand is to an ocean’s shoreline, so too, we must realize that life and human love are but small reflections of something much greater.

Any man who seeks to understand and love his woman with the best insights the Universe has to offer - will get back a thousand fold. This is the basic law of Love, the eternal axiom known by many as “sowing and reaping” or “karma.” It all begins with the realization that there is MORE to our developmental process than meets the minds-eye. May we all reverently bow to this phenomenon.

So where do we turn? How do we grow in the knowledge and action to serve our Beloveds? It may well begin with a simple nod and a recognition to the wisdom of the Universe itself. Allowing our hearts to be open and receptive to the unfolding of Life's purpose and blessings, even when such positive change potentially brings on acute discomfort. Though we are all hardwired to love and be loved, love is not simply a mental concept. It’s transcendent nature always points upwardly to the Divine! It opens a portal into the mysteries of all that is meaningful and good, and allows every man to find his own authentically. Such depth is no different when loving a woman. She is a miracle! An expression of the Yin side of creation. She carries in her heart and soul gifts needed and necessary to complete any man who sees beyond himself (or the culture that might argue otherwise). Women are the jewels that brings explosive color to an otherwise lackluster world and existence.
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