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Duality in Unity. A fabric is made of threads, moving in a woven pattern in two different directions: lengthwise and transverse, warp and weft. Two separate and distinct weaves yet without both there would be no cloth. Such is the fabric of existence. To illustrate this the ancients used the most obvious and undeniable expression of this duality: masculine and feminine.

To understand, accept and move successfully in this reality we have to see that this is not centered on gender or sexuality. Gender and sexuality are but easily apprehended expressions of the principles. A man existing as a man will still find in the fabric of his spirit both polarities. The same is true of a woman. To avoid undue bias because of language let me refer to the duality found in the weave of our existence by one set of common names: Yin and Yang.

Yin is characterized as slow, soft, yielding, diffuse, cold, wet, receptive and passive, This quality of the weave is associated with earth, water, femininity, the moon and nighttime. In the Taijitu symbol (two swirling areas in a circle) Yin is usually the dark or black area.

Yang, by contrast, is fast, hard, solid, focused, hot, dry, outflowing and aggressive. The quality is associated with sky, fire, masculinity, the sun and daytime. It is the white of the Taijitu. Literally the words mean ‘Shadow’ and ‘Light’.

We tend to visualize the interaction of opposites in contact with one another as a neutralizing reaction where they cancel one another out such as crossing wires with a spark and a jump or water dousing a flame. In truth the result of such interaction is balance. The overarching reality of this nature is that they are not in opposition but rather are complementary. Indeed they cause each other to arise. Light cannot be perceived as light without shadow, shadow cannot exist without light. The seed of each is present in the other and as one pole presents itself the other arises in response. The purpose of their interaction is to restore equilibrium and peace.

This writing is mainly an attempt to chronicle my beginning to understand all this. It will not be definitive as I know I understand very little. In that light allow me to step back from the universal concept and speak for a brief bit on what I see as happening inside each of us as human beings, men and women, and how Yin and Yang are present and active.

Meditating over my coffee on my deck the other morning I was relaxed into the moment. A light rain was falling and a gentle breeze was stirring the leaves in the trees. Both the wind and the first change in the color of the leaves were speaking to me of the coming fall and slow settling into Winter. There were two thoughts that were passing through my mind concerning how Yin and Yang tend to be expressed in our bodies. The first was how  Yang is perceived as residing in the right side as a giving energy, and left side held the Yin as being receptive. Regardless of whether this is empirically true holding onto the dichotomy of the two elements symbolically like this can help us to focus on each to facilitate balance. The second thought touched on how some people seem to only perceive or exhibit one element or the other. 

To only be sensitive and receptive in your relationships with others would be to dwell in the Yin of your spirit while there are those who seem stuck in Yang, projecting onto or into others with dynamic expressions. These Yang expressions can often seem controlling, harmful or destructive though they need not be. A person who is nurturing and caring, constantly giving to others is also operating in their Yang aspect. Yet to dwell in one or the other is imbalance. You cannot only give in a relationship without receiving anything in return or the relationship sickens and dies. Likewise you cannot only receive or you become clingy, needy and an emotional burden on your counterpart. For relationships on any level, without or within, there needs to be balance.

Sitting with my coffee, held in both hands in front of me, I thought of how Yang was giving, an outflowing, while thinking of my right hand and how Yin was receiving and inflowing manifested in my thought as my left hand. As I thought about it I looked at my coffee and it slowly began to swirl. No, I am not getting magical here. There was a wind blowing and a straight wind blowing across the top of a round cup would induce the Coriolis Effect and create a counter-clockwise swirl. The coffee was moving counter-clockwise. So, while a bit startling at the time it was in all likelihood just the wind but the action added to my thoughts. The initial reaction I had was that a straight flow of energy from my right hand to my left had created a circular movement. And that seemed to fit. Circles of life are everywhere as areas of nurture and need move into each other to find balance. Indeed, for there to be
living balance circular movement is necessary.

If someone greets you with a smile you receive that goodness and in response return the smile, which is received in turn. The result is balance but
not neutralization. And here is the wonder of it all. There is actually a net gain when balance is established. Yin plus Yang in balance yields a third element: Life. The ancients called this created and creative force Chi. Exercising balance strengthens Chi.

If a friend or loved one takes you in their arms and gives you a hug you receive it and the natural response is to return the hug with equal or greater affection. But what if the affection were not returned? What if there was within you something that kept you from respecting, accepting or even liking the person who has hugged you. You would not naturally return affection but would more likely stiffen up, resisting what was offered. What would be the result? The hug would become cold, offence would be noted and received. A new cycle would replace the first that was blocked and aborted. Reciprocity would result in a net loss for what ended up being shared would not be perceived as good. Chi, the force of positive goodness of life, would be damaged and reduced.

Human interaction and relationships are based on living circles of giving and taking: reciprocity. For any relationship to be happy and successful it must create balance by constant, mutual exchange resulting in the creation of positive goodness in life. This phenomenon can be expected not only in relationships between ourselves and others but within ourselves as well.

If you see someone along the way, a hungry child, a hurting woman, a troubled man the circle will begin. Seeing the suffering, understanding it, you take it into your heart. Awareness and understanding are Yin, as is wisdom. The presence of wisdom and understanding stir the fountain of compassion which is Yang. This then embodies your reaction and action to relieve the suffering of those you meet: Yin causing Yang to arise. But what if you break the circle? Seeing the suffering you take it into your heart but that is all. You stifle or stop the flow of compassion and do nothing. In the whole, creative circle the suffering is transmuted into compassion but in the stifled heart the suffering remains suffering and having no way to purge it or transform it into a creative energy it remains and the suffering becomes your own. This is a common malady of our race. Suffering begetting suffering in a darkened spiral, diminishing the goodness of life and Chi.

What if the suffering you see, are aware of, understand is your own? The circle need not leave your flesh to be wholesome and healing. Seeing the suffering Yin stirs Yang and compassion for yourself arises. Forgiveness, acceptance, encouragement, faith, confidence, every ministry of compassion that can be given to others can be given to yourself as well. The net result of Yin and Yang circling in your own soul is again the creation of something better, a strengthening of Chi, and the alleviation of suffering.

A completed flow of Yin and Yang is never a net zero, a cancellation, it is instead the flow of creation where basic goodness is recognized and made more dominant and the human spirit is given strength from the 1st Spirit of Creation as we resonate in harmony and compassion.

“Tao produces unity; unity produces duality; duality produces trinity; trinity produces all things. All things bear the negative principle (yin) and embrace the positive principle (yang). Immaterial vitality, the third principle (chi), makes them harmonious.” -Lao Tzu

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