"Three Spiritual Lessons in Eight Years" by Eckhart Tolle

---“Relaxing Cat” by Toni Goffe

It’s Not a Damned Race
No matter how often I tell myself I wont read more than one or two books at a time, I always find myself in the middle of three or four books. Why? Because I think I am being productive by consuming and cruising through more and more information. Am I? No. The money is in the practice and its effects not what you can quote and recite line by line, word for word.

It doesn’t matter if it takes one month or five years to develop the ability to sit in peace and quiet and do a meditation without a barrage of thoughts every minute. The clock isn’t ticking down and you aren’t going to hell or some other imagined location for skipping out on a reading session or a meditation. Slow down and enjoy the process of learning and clearing the clouds that obscure your vision from peace and happiness.

You Don’t Know as Much as You Think You Know
Remember last year when you might have been a mental wreck or at least not the mental champion you might think you are now (or, like me, you might realize you know little, and even this is an overstatement)? Now remember even a year or more before that? I like to think back to when a significant inspiring moment shot me into a place of peace and tranquility, then the crafty ego crept in and assured me I knew it all. One year later, I knew it all again. And then again.

A key step in our spiritual growth is recognizing we know nothing. I’ll say it again: Nothing. You may have already discovered that the path to peace and happiness reaches a point in which we realize it is not a path a learning and accumulating knowledge, but it is a journey to remove all the nonsense and images our minds make up to make sense of the world. Eventually, we see that to judge anything is to misunderstand it.

Stop Reaching for the Mystical Experience
If that’s what you want, drop some acid or smoke some DMT. As tempting as doing that might be, we aren’t trying to get a spiritual high. Like point #2, we are relinquishing judgment. We are attempting to see everything as it is and everyone as they are. I’m not going to be your mother and tell you not to experiment (here’s an interesting article on that kind of experimentation), but that’s not the goal. We are merely attempting to see how our judgments betray our happiness and distort our world.

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