Spiritual Development

"Why is Spiritual Awakening So Painful?" by Nuno Alves, Akashic Records reader

Spiritual awakening can be painful emotionally, because we shed away many of the constructs, beliefs, patterns - inner and outer - that we had surrounded ourselves with, and accumulated over the course of many lifetimes.

Many of these constructs are not aligned with our true spiritual nature and do us more harm than good. But we were convinced otherwise. We were absolutely positively sure we needed them to survive, to thrive, and to feel good. We identified with them. They deal with anything and everything in our lives, big and small, and are often things we hold very dear. Read More...

Richard Rohr’s Levels of Spiritual Development (Part 1-4) by Wes Eades

This morning at St. Paul’s Episcopal, here in Waco, I’ll be facilitating our second conversation on what it looks like to bring faith into every crevice of our lives. What does it mean to be a “Christian Businessperson, “Christian Teacher,” “Christian Parent,” or “Christian Grocery Shopper?” Most of us acknowledge that there is much about Christian faith that is “subversive” to he culture, and yet most of us participate in the culture, usually, without thinking twice about it.

I’ve asked the members of the class to be reading to classics of Christian Spirituality: The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence and In His Steps by Charles Sheldon. Each of these books raises the question “What would Jesus do?” Read More...

Levels of Spiritual Development (from Richard Rohr's book "The Naked Now: Learning to See as the Mystics See")

One of the more important breakthroughs in understanding why some people seem to "get it" (whatever "it" is) while many do not get it or even oppose or distort it, has now come to be recognized by teachers as diverse jean Piaget, Lawrence Kohlberg, Abraham Maslow, James Fowler, Clare Grave, and Ken Wilber. Their insights remind us of Thomas Aquinas's observation that "Whatever is received, is received according to the mode of the receiver."
In simple terms, whatever you teach or receive will be heard on at least eight to ten different levels, according to the inner, psychological, and spiritual maturity of the listener.