M. Scott Peck

"M. Scott Peck: Wrestling With God"

Scott Peck had a station-wagon with plates that read "THLOST" in his driveway. They speak of his lifelong journey as a self-described mystic. His last book is a memoir titled Glimpses of the Devil. He said it was his last effort because of his affliction with Parkinson's disease. In 2002, Robert Epstein visited him at his home on Lake Waramaug, in Connecticut. Read More...

"The Baby and the Bath Water" (excerpt) The Road Less Traveled by M. Scott Peck

There is clearly a lot of dirty bath water surrounding the reality of God. Holy wars, Inquisitions, animal sacrifice, human sacrifice, superstition, stultification, dogmatism, ignorance, hypocrisy, self-righteousness, rigidity, cruelty, book-burning, witch-burning, inhibition, fear… Read More...

"Responsibilty' (excerpt) The Road Less Traveled

We cannot solve life's problems except by solving them. This statement may seem idiotically tautological or self-evident, yet it is seemingly beyond the comprehension of much of the human race. Read More...