"Longing" (excerpt) The Seekers by E. Lesser

Longing is my fuel of choice on the spiritual journey. Spiritual longing is a sort of loneliness for an unknown yet deeply perceived presence. Some call the presence God; some call it peace; some call it consciousness; some call it love. Its source rests in the well of our own hearts… Read More...

The Tao of Forgiveness by Derek Lin

How Do We Forgive Those Who Have Offended Us?

"Myth of Myself" (excerpt) The Tao of Philosophy by Alan Watts

...Generally speaking, we have two kinds of consciousness. One I will call the "spotlight," and the other the "floodlight." The spotlight is what we call conscious attention, and we are trained from childhood that it is the most valuable form of perception. When the teacher in class says, "Pay attention!" everybody stares, and looks right at the teacher. That is spotlight consciousness; fixing your mind on one thing at a time. Read More...

"In the Absence of God/Dwelling the Presence of the Sacred" (Excerpt) by Sam Keen

At first the path leading to an oasis is nearly imperceptible. A slight veering away from the arid landscape and the painful disciplines of self-examination, doubt, and asceticism. Read More...

"Is This One Word Keeping You a Slave?" by Braden Talbot

It’s one of the most insidious words in our vocabulary.
It’s stifling, stagnating, and a complete lie.
What’s the word?

“SHOULD”