"The Two Loves and the Wisdom of Heartbreak" by Michael A. Rodriguez

Let’s be honest: Our hearts are breaking at the individual and collective levels. What is the meaning and significance of heartbreak? I’d like to begin by distinguishing between two kinds of love.

"Awakening to Delusion" by Joseph Bobrow Roshi

Why do we suffer?
Why do we cause others to suffer?
What can we do about it?

"When We Walked with God" by Galen Pearl

The Garden of Eden story fascinates me. I’m going to ask you, just for purposes of this post, to take the story out of Biblical context. Put aside all the theology, all your beliefs and opinions, whatever they are, about the Bible and religion. Read More...

"Selling Water by the River" by Adyashanti

Many seekers do not take full responsibility for their own liberation, but wait for one big, final spiritual experience which will catapult them fully into it. It is this search for the final liberating experience which gives rise to a rampant form of spiritual consumerism in which seekers go from one teacher to another, shopping for enlightenment as if shopping for sweets in a candy store. Read More...

"Bishop John Shelby Spong On: The Resurrection"

The Christian Faith was born in the experience that we have come to call Easter. It was this Easter experience that invested Jesus with a sense of ultimacy. It caused his followers to regard his teaching as worthy of being preserved. It was the reason that Saint Paul could write, “if Christ has not been raised then your faith is in vain.” Read More...