"Awakening from the Egoic Trance" (excerpt) — FALLING INTO GRACE by Adyashanti

If we really want to address the whole issue of suffering, as well as our desire and yearning for freedom, love, and connection, then we need to learn how to look clearly at our own minds… Read More...

"A Meditation on Alan Watts & A Christianity Worth Following" by James Ford

To quote from myself, because, well, because I can, in my history of Zen Buddhism come west, “Zen Master Who?” I describe the first of the several times I met Alan Watts. It was sometime, I believe, in 1969. Read More...

"National and Racial Pain-Bodies" (excerpt) The New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

Certain countries in which many acts of collective violence were suffered or perpetrated have a heavier collective pain-body than others. This is why older nations tend to have stronger pain-bodies. It is also why younger countries, such as Canada or Australia, and those that have remained more sheltered from the surrounding madness, such as Switzerland, tend to have lighter collective pain-bodies. Read More...

"Who Am I?" by Ken McLeod

A simple question, you say. Well, how do you answer it? With your name? With your family pedigree? With your job? At some point, you see that nothing you say really answers the question and you stop — at the edge of a vast open space. “This can’t be who I am?”, you say, and turn away. Read More...

"Who am I? A philosophical inquiry" - Amy Adkins

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