"Why is Spiritual Awakening So Painful?" by Nuno Alves, Akashic Records reader

Spiritual awakening can be painful emotionally, because we shed away many of the constructs, beliefs, patterns - inner and outer - that we had surrounded ourselves with, and accumulated over the course of many lifetimes.

Many of these constructs are not aligned with our true spiritual nature and do us more harm than good. But we were convinced otherwise. We were absolutely positively sure we needed them to survive, to thrive, and to feel good. We identified with them. They deal with anything and everything in our lives, big and small, and are often things we hold very dear.
Spiritual Awakening

You may not be completely aware of what and how they work. Yet spiritual awakening is precisely about becoming aware of such constructs, and liberating you from them. They are like leeches attached to your skin, draining your blood, yet you believe you need them there.

Therefore, as these constructs are challenged - and sometimes ripped off - the process can be painful. Particularly so when we resist it.

Yet the process needs to move forward, because your own spiritual desire for it, for freedom, for peace, for healing, surpassed your clinginess to the constructs that hold you prisoner.

Spiritual awakening can at times be painful physically, because it's not just an abstract thing. It's not a fantasy that exists solely in books and tales and Quora questions, that doesn't actually translate to a tangible thing. Spiritual awakening is an actual, complex, process, that is triggered, planned, staged, carried out and monitored, with much spiritual support, envisioning the transmutation of your energy. So there's actual energy work being done, on your energy and your body, beyond what you know an control from your human perspective.

We cannot generalize too much about this, because what happens exactly completely depends on the person and the person's energy. We can only point out general symptoms, pains, and challenges, that usually surround this - such as back and head pains, waking up at night, and all of those things.

As with the emotional side of spiritual awakening, the physical aspect of the challenge can be diminished to some degree, by acceptance, and by surrendering yourself to the process without resistance, as much as possible.

SOURCE: https://www.quora.com/Why-is-spiritual-awakening-so-painful
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