"The Bud" by Bei Kuan-tu

As Winter gives it's final fro,
As luminous frost disappears into daylight’s song
A single bud beckons to discover its life amongst the coming Spring.
Tightly and securely bound - waiting, hoping for it's awakened state.
It finally yields to a perfect hue of tender green

How majestic you are, even in your child-like state.
With layers opening at a snail’s persevering pace.
Beauty unveiled and a majesty not of this world.
Ever expanding - pursuing the call of intensified light.
Surrounding you is your lineage,
turning heat into soothing shade
for all who partake in this perfect splendor.
You are unique, yet connected to the whole.

As the months move subtly by
change is a gathering force. 
Sleepiness comes over you,
like a suckling newborn.
From jaded green, to a brilliant yellow, to blazed and fiery orange,
your brilliance awes the sublime—perfect, and temporal.
Exiting your home whirling winds carry you
beyond effort or will
like a child swaying on a swing
Without a tear you land without expression or sound.
And find your place amongst the many
in a clear and cleansing stream.

Onward you go
past the rounded boulders and churning tide.
Away, away, on a journey of ages past
only to repeat nature's eternal call
Finally, purposely,  disappearing into perfection
And in your place, amongst the old oak,
another takes your honored position
and ponders it's future journey home.

© 2015 Bei Kuan-tu All Rights Reserved
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