“The Beloved” (from New Mother, New Earth Night Songs) by N

--“Lovers” by Connie Chadwell

“The Beloved”
--by N
My Beloved emerges and
arises from within
divinely created moments
to surprise and startle me awake
from my human slumbering
talks to me in rumbling thunderstorms
in whirling winds
washing away the heat
from parched surfaces
of wilting flowers and thirsty lips
rinsing the dust from the leaves
washing the windows of the world
with dancing raindrops of light
appearing in penetrating minds and insights
in discoveries of truth
arms of expanding love and open hands
that clasp my own

the waters of life clear away
whatever is confining brilliance
dissolving limitation
revealing flashing potential
beyond my knowing

My Beloved soothes my pain
drowns the empty noise
opens my hearing
and sings to me in a thousand songs
of birds and humming insects
blinking in a glowing firefly
catching the gleaming light from flying fish
leaping from the sea
to glimpse the sky

My Beloved plays with words
rearranges meaning
creates new language
enlightens and brightens
with a laugh that shakes the world

My Beloved sometimes hides in a child
who wants to be held
sometimes in a flower that delights my eyes
sometimes an owl outside my window
watching in the night
a soaring hawk
a clumping elephant
a sleek panther
a clumsy pelican with a beak
full of fish
a wild mustang
a clucking chicken showing her chicks
how to scratch for food
an unfolding story told around a fire
flowing in a whispering stream
roaring in a rushing river
circling in a spinning planet
crawling in an ant
slowly building a mound of dirt
to make a home
or peeking wonderfully
out of the soft petals
of the pinkness of a peony

My Beloved
flows in all that
is entertaining and stunning
beautiful and joyful
awkward and new
strange and familiar
compelling and thrilling

I am bewildered
blood stirring
heart racing
in love with such
endearing diversity and range
ever changing
every encircling me with tenderness
humbling me with scarcity
exalting me with abundance
giving birth to a star
scattering seeds
across the universe
to give birth to more

I am enchanted by such infinite love
by revelation
by the gift of creation
by strong arms
flashing eyes
filled with tears
with love that ever amazes
and forever touches my heart
in disarming and charming ways

The storm that awakens me
quiets into gentle raindrops touching
and cradling me
to rest as every drop
becomes a waking dream
that pools and expands
until the dam breaks
flooding the valleys of my being
with endless beauty

My Beloved makes each moment new
sweeping me into feelings
I have never felt before
leaving me reeling
and feeling like a bride
of a forever life
laced with an enhancing
eternal dance
creating a new story
of all that love can be

May it always be so…..


New Mother, New Earth Night Songs
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