"The Monk With Sweaty Palms" from A NEW EARTH by Eckhart Tolle

 Mariusz Szmerdt - Buddhist monk zen
--Buddhist Monk With a Bowl by Mariusz Szmerdt

Kasan, a Zen teacher and monk, was to officiate at a funeral of a famous nobleman.
As he stood there waiting for the governor of the province and other lords and ladies to arrive, he noticed that the palms of his hands were sweaty.

The next day he called his disciples together and confessed he was not yet ready to be a true teacher.
He explained to them that he still lacked the sameness of bearing before all human beings, whether beggar or king. 

He was still unable to look through social roles and conceptual identities and see the sameness of being in every human.
He then left and become the pupil of another master.
Then returned to his former disciples eight years later, enlightened.




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