“Honoring My Mother” by Rebecca Braun

“An Elderly Peasant Woman” by Albrecht Dürer

Remember the years
of struggle and defiance,
underneath it all
you and I had a special alliance.

Those teen-age years
might have challenged our love,
but it was you who held me close
with the spirit from above.

Leaving my home
I fled as far as I was able,
across the country and beyond
to forget my family table.

It was never you, my sweet mother,
never you that made me fly.
I know you understood the reasons,
why I had to say good-bye.

I’ve always loved you dearly,
you have always been the one,
who believed I could make a difference,
believed my life had just begun.

Thirty years later
I return to make amends,
to seek what I’ve been missing
in my family and my friends.

Your voice has long been calling me
to come home and share our love,
through the years I have honored you
making peace with the Lord above.

Now a fragile angel
your face is turning white,
fears have taken you over
having long given up the fight.

Your smile still beams
and your eyes still dance,
I’m here with you now
praying there is still a chance

to give you all that you deserve
before you choose to leave this earth.
May together we experience
the path to life and true rebirth.

©2014 Rebecca Braun All Rights Reserved.
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