"The Waves and the Ocean are One - We and God are One" by Atman Nityananda

The waves are one with the ocean. Both are sea water. The waves are only an expression of the ocean. The ocean is permanent and the waves are impermanent. The ocean is the substratum and the waves the phenomenon that appears due to and in the substratum. But the waves never stop to be the ocean.

Similarly we are a wave in the ocean of bliss-consciousness. We as a human being we are both: the ocean of Bliss-consciousness and as a wave a body-mind entity. 
Between the body and the consciousness arises the ego. The body and ego are insentient, impermanent, changeable and  subject to death. The consciousness is self-existent, sentient, immortal and eternal and is the permanent substratum that appears the impermanent waves - the human beings as a body-mind entity.

Due to the ego we fail to realize that we are not only the impermanent wave (the body-mind entity) but also the ocean of bliss consciousness. 

The ego makes us believe that we are a separate entity with independent existence from its substratum of consciousness, makes us believe that consciousness is a characteristic of the body-mind entity; thus we fail to realize that the consciousness is infinite, unlimited, indestructible and that is the common substratum of all beings, in the same way that the ocean is the common substratum of all waves. 

The water of each wave is the one water of ocean. There are no many waters. There are many waves but only one water which appears as different waves. The one water appears as many waves; each wave-form although may have different shape and dimensions  it is made from the same, the essence of each wave is one and the same seawater.

Similarly the essence of each one of us is the infinite, unlimited bliss-consciousness. There are not many consciousnesses; each being has not his own individual consciousness. The one undivided, unlimited consciousness reflects in the infinite wave-forms (all beings). There are many bodies and many minds; each human being is a different body-wave and a mind-wave, but the one consciousness is the common substratum of all bodies and minds. There is no separation between the us and consciousness and between each other. We are all expressions of the one undivided, unlimited consciousness and we are that consciousness itself. We are both the wave and the ocean, the form and the formless, the finite and tje infinite; tje finite form for a short time and the universal, infinite, consciousness the common background of all appearances for ever.

But the ego creates in us the illusion that consciousness is limited to the body and mind, that we are the body and the mind and consciousness is something individual or personal and different from the consciousness of our fellows.

Thus the whole process of spirituality is to realize that we are not only the wave, but also the ocean, that we are not only the appearance (a limited body-mind form) but also the formless, empty space of consciousness and as a the ocean, we were never born, nor will we ever die. Consciousness is beyond birth and death and change, as well as free from any kind of limitation and suffering; it is an ocean of unlimited peace and bliss.

This realization of oneness of the wave-man with the ocean-consciousness can take place when the factor that creates the illusion of separation (the ego) ceases to exist in us. We can overcome the illusion temporarily with deep meditation and samadhi and permanently by the complete dissolution of the ego. Free from ego we experience always and without a break the bliss and peace eternal of our essence.

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