“Wings of Love and Longing” - Author Unknown

—-Painting by Rassouli

“Wings of Love and Longing”
Author Unknown

When longing lures us from sleep
to follow the flutter of wings
playing around the heart,
a soft breath carries remembrance
of the long grateful sigh
of breaking free
from whatever binds
and confines
the wings of our souls.

We know on some
deep level,
that we are meant
for soaring.
Perhaps the birds are envoys
to kindle the flame
of remembering.

Captivity can leave
deep grooves
where the chains
we fashion
slowly wear away
our capacity for beauty.

We stop straining
toward the light
and begin to develop
a hunger
for bread alone.

The vision of flight
and the soft shores of silence
disappear into
some amusement ride,
a simulated reality
of forgotten
of the journey from
heart to heart to heart.

What calls us to chip away stone
to find a vision of light
hiding inside?
What summons us to the sea
to sail to the place
where the sky kneels
to touch
a distant shore?

What inspires us
to begin to create music
in tune with
the rhythmic beating
of the heart?

What lures a song
to form from a deep place
within our soul?

Who is the knight without
armor or sword
who comes
riding into the night
to remind us,
the secrets are not
in the moon,
but within our hearts?

It is Love that forever invites
and excites us,
daring us to dream,
to risk, to feel, to imagine,
to turn toward beauty,
toward the light of becoming
and the exalted flight
of freedom
beyond wings.

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