"Patsy Canyon" by Rebecca Braun

--Frederic Edwin Church’s “Twilight in the Wilderness, 1860

Where my dreams ran wild.
Fierce rolling thunderclouds and sheets of rain 
move quickly through the wide expanse.
Purple, black, angry energy;
fragrant coniferous forest floating 
on the current of chilly air
as the stormy clouds tumble toward me.

Wild stallions run, 
prairie dog and chipmunks chatter,
King birds hover as jackrabbits stop
their foraging to run down the rocky slope. 
Far off into the distance coyotes howl a warning, 
their voices singing on the crisp cold air.

It was here I brought my love in spring
eyes reflecting in deep blue lakes 
and fresh running streams.
We shared this secret landscape,
my senses reeled, my body craved 
the excitement of his languid touch.

It was here his desire shook me, 
the canyon thunder collapsing and echoing
for miles in summer squander. 
He caressed every line of my face,
tousling my flowing hair into waves of wind
blowing softly. 

In winter, our snowshoes would leave prints
on a perfect sea of whiteness along the edge,
his voice calling my name across the canyon,
floating along the emptiness
in a timbre sweet and joyous.

Now, black clouds roll in to capture my heart.
Left alone, I stand on the precipice
waiting for the wind and rain to slap my face,
and awaken me from this dream.
His voice dances faintly on the memory 
of the turbulent tides of a fading storm.

©2013 Rebecca Braun All rights reserved.

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