Romans Chapter 6 — Harry Priestly

There is a lot of confusion about salvation. And about repentance. Salvation has nothing to do with my beliefs, opinions, nor even my decisions. Nor does repentance consist of wringing my hands because I've been so bad. Repentance is a change of attitude, a new way of seeing things. "Repent and believe the good news." This is the command, and it's a living command. Now the key to our attitude in Romans 6 is "God be thanked because you have obeyed from your heart that form of doctrine unto which you were handed over" (RSV). God has given us a form of doctrine. Now doctrine simply means teaching. Sound doctrine is helpful teaching, healing teaching, teaching that liberates. What is the "sound doctrine" in Romans 6? Paul has been discussing justification. We have been justified by faith; we have peace with God. Romans 4 says him that’ works not, but believes on him who counts righteous the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness." In Romans 5, he says, "the law entered that sin might abound. And where sin did abound, grace did much more abound." Now, in Romans 6, he anticipates the objections of the legalists: "Shall we continue in sin that grace might abound?" And today some are still saying "if you preach grace, and if the more sin abounds the more grace abounds, then let's sin that grace may abound." Paul knew that some would reason that way. Legalists reason that way. They say ..these grace preachers who preach grace, they're just giving license to sin." And so Paul says "they say that I say 'do evil that good might come.... And he says their damnation is just. In other words, those who oppose grace don't believe the Gospel, do they? What are they doing? They're worshipping their own wills, aren't they? Most Christians believe more in the power of their will than in the power of grace. Yet if we ever believed in grace, God would save us: All by Himself. God said leave out your contribution and receive my contribution. There's a sign over the gate of heaven: NO CONTRIBUTIONS ACCEPTED. This is the kingdom of God. We're on the gold standard here, and that gold is the redemptive truth of God. His righteousness, His power, His glory: streets of gold. This is not doing what you want to do. This is what you never dreamed of doing. If a person is living a spiritual life, he's walking in newness of life; he's doing what he doesn't know how to do. We all want to live beyond our means. And grace is the ability to live beyond our means.

QUESTION: What would happen to a person who would have that attitude, well I might as well sin that grace may abound?

Well, Paul, in answer to that, wrote the 6th chapter of Romans. How does the 6th chapter of Romans begin? "Shall we sin that grace might abound? God forbid.” Notice his theological answer. It's tremendous how the Word has an answer for all these things. "Such ones as we who died to sin, 'how can we any longer be living in it?" What is he saying? "As many as were baptized into Christ.." What is he 'referring to, "baptized into Christ"? By one spirit we're baptized. He is not talking about water baptism there. Water doesn't get you in; it takes the Spirit to get you in. Alright, "as many as were baptized into Christ were baptized into his death." Now the Word says" in that he died [once], he died to sin once.” — right? Romans 6:10. "In that he lives, he lives unto God." Alright now, watch Romans 6:6 reads: "Knowing this, that the former man was nailed to the cross with Christ, that the body of sin might be destroyed, that henceforth (RSV) we should no longer be the bondservants of sin." "For as we were the bondservants of sin," Paul goes on to say later, "we have become the bondservants of righteousness." Were we prisoners of sin? Isn't it remarkable that the religious world hasn't too much difficulty, if they're 'fundamental' at all, in believing that Adam's sin affected everybody? But they have a lot of difficulty in believing that God's grace affects everybody. In other words, they believe that the power of sin is greater than the power of grace. That's what the average Christian believes. And so he says, "Oh, brother, I wish I had the victory. Will you pray for me that I have the victory? Please pray that I hold out until the end." I say, "Brother, I'm not going to pray that you hold out; I'm going to pray that you let go. I'm going to pray that you give up. I'm going to pray that you believe." When you believe, you come out from under the Law. Paul goes on to say, "Christ died unto sin once; likewise reckon yourselves also to be indeed dead unto sin." How many times? Once.

Many religious teachers today teach that every day we are to reckon ourselves dead to sin. And they use scriptures like "I die daily." If you look in the context of that particular passage, you see that Paul is talking about the resurrection. "If I fight with the beasts of Ephesus, what does it profit if the dead rise not?" Paul was literally facing death. The Jewish authorities were out to kill him. There were seventy men who had sworn to kill him. He was facing death all the time. He was stoned outside of Lystra. He goes on to explain why we can reckon ourselves dead to sin safely. "Let not therefore sin reign in your members." Now this is not an exhortation to cease from sinning. Paul is simply saying let New Covenant truth sink into your heart. "Be transformed by the renewing of your mind..[for] sin shall not have dominion over you." Because "you are not under the law, but under grace." "The, strength of sin is the law." The attempt to be free from sin keeps you sinning--and is a sin: For an Adamic man to try to live a Christian life is sin. Why? What is the New Covenant? "In that day I will put my spirit within you and cause you to walk in my statutes." (Ezek.J6:27) It's not even willing. "My people shall be willing in the day of my power." Did Jesus say "My will"? No. He didn't worship his will. He said "not my will but thine be done." He was always affirming the Father in him. He was always calling attention not to himself but to the Father. The reason he does the will of the Father is because the Father is working in him to do his own will. Once you know that the Father is working in you to do his own will, you "work out your salvation with fear and trembling, for it is God that works in you." You're 'fearful', lest you do anything at all that gets in the way: This is what Paul means. "I came among you not with words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the spirit." He is careful lest he's wise. Be careful of cleverness. "The wisdom of this world is foolishness with God." So Paul says, "Know you not that to whom you yield yourselves servants to obey, you are his servant to obey~" Jesus is saying the same thing when he says, "He that serves sin is a servant of sin, but the servant abides not in his house forever; yet the Son is lord over his house forever." God knows how to live the spiritual life in you. Does the seed of a duck know how to act like a duck? Isn't it amazing that a duck comes out of an egg, takes to the water and floats. That duck doesn't even know he's a duck and he doesn't have to worry about being a duck. So, when you're born of the spirit, you don't have to learn to live like a Christian. You're born of God. You'll act like a Christian if you just go ahead and trust God. I know you say, "I do trust God, but I'm still not acting like a Christian." Just keep on, and you will. Here's even a scripture for that: "The God of peace will bruise Satan under your feet shortly." If you're knocked around in a storm, you may feel like you're going to be knocked over; but just keep on walking. You have a lot of strength in you. It looks like the wind is going to blow that oak over. Do you know what that oak does? It just gets its roots down deeper. If you can't handle things in the beginning of your spiritual life, just keep on praising the Lord; Christ will be formed in you, and pretty quick you'll sluff off things you don't at the beginning. Don't worry about Christians who come to the Lord and they're still smoking and drinking and this and that. As you keep ministering the Word, blessing them and praying for them, after a while they're going to forget all that. And not only that--smoking and drinking aren't the worst things. Some have all the answers. They're proud; they're vain. Those are the ones who are hard to minister to. The older you get in God, the less you talk. I'm not really giving you any explanations of how to live a Christian life. Have you heard any? You won't hear me trying to tell you how to live a Christian life, because I'd be trying to play God if I did that. I'm not going to give you a lot of directions because 1 don't know how to live it. And that doesn't give me any inferiority complex, believe me.

Someone' asked me the other day, ", "Do you commit any sins anymore?" There are a few sins I'd like to commit, but I just never get around to it. I just don't have time anymore. You know, it's no sin to be tempted. It's normal. In fact, that devil really isn't looking after his job if he doesn't bother you... I feel so depressed today.... I feel..., no wonder: With ten thousand devils around you. It's scriptural being depressed. "But I'm so perplexed.... Paul was perplexed. Yet he was an apostle. He said, "I am perplexed but not troubled." Here he was, an apostle. He was cast down, too. "But I am not in despair." Do you ever feel cast down? Don't despair. "Count it all joy," James says, "when you're in heaviness through temptation." The devil is always saying, "Oh, you're so weak, you're bound to sin now." And if you start listening to him, pretty soon you're acting just as he's suggesting. Be careful where you get your directions. Then there are those who want to help you. God deliver us from some people's help. "Have you got the victory, brother?" they say, inferring that you don't. Here's the thing to remember: we have Christ interceding for us. "He is able to save unto the uttermost all them who come unto God by him." "He ever lives to make intercession for us." Isn't it tremendous to know that we have a high priest interceding for us? Do you know that that is the only reason we do as well as we do? "Because I live, you shall live also." "He is able to save them who are tempted.... "He was tempted in all points as we are.." How can you possibly walk in newness of life if you don't believe you're free from sin? "I write these things unto you that you sin not," John says. What's he saying? The reason we have the Word is to liberate us from sin. What's a sword good for? It's to kill flesh, isn't it? The Word of God kills flesh, doesn't it? It liberates us from the flesh, rends the veil. When you hear the Word, you become free from the whole sin principle. "The law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made me free from the law of sin and death." So, it's not the theory of the old man, the former man, being dead or a process of reckoning him dead, or anything like that. The old nature just does not exist under the new covenant. Under the new covenant there is a new nature, and that new nature is Christ in you; and we are "flesh of his flesh", Paul says, "and bone of his bone." You are the temple of the Holy Spirit. This body is sanctified by the Spirit.

QUESTION: Why are so many pushing this "dual nature" teaching?

Because they don't know any better. The reason they preach that is because of a misunderstanding of Romans 7 and Galatians 5, fundamentally. Romans 7 reads: "The good that I would, I do not; the evil that I would not, that I do." Who is Paul speaking of there? Of himself. Alright, what was his position in that experience? That of being under the Law. In the beginning of Romans 7 he says, "I write to them that know the Law." Now he says, "a woman is bound by the law of her husband as long as he lives, but when he's dead, she is free to be married to whom she will." Who were we married to under the old covenant? To Adam, weren't we? And Adam was under the Law, right? The Jews were an earthly people, bound under the Law. The new covenant people are a heavenly people born from above. That new birth is a birth in the New Jerusalem. And the New Jerusalem is the Church. The scripture says that God has sanctified the Church and that he cleanses it by "the washing of the water by the Word." "Now are you clean through the word I have spoken to you." Are we ministering the Word? Are we meditating? Is it cleansing you? Does it release you from all your old beliefs? "If we walk in the light as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another." Isn't that wonderful? We wouldn't have to have an ecumenical movement. We wouldn't have to be Baptists or Presbyterians or Catholics. If we walk in the light as He is in the light, He would be our religion, wouldn't He? Isn't Jesus glorified? Doesn't he say "I am the Way"? Is this sound theology? He. Jesus didn't say that the Bible is your salvation. He said "Search the scriptures; in them you think you have eternal life; but they are they which testify of me." It's the Christ of the Bible who saves us, isn't it? And if you don't see Christ in the Bible, you're still not saved, are you? If you don't see Christ in the Bible, you're still under the Law. "For Christ is the end of the Law for righteousness to everyone who believes." And we're not talking about the Jesus walking the earth in the flesh; we're talking about the Jesus who died and rose again and came back through the Spirit and is living in us. This puts us in Bible times. This puts us in the resurrection. And this glorifies us. Jesus said "A strong man armed keeps his house, until a stronger comes." What was the strong man armed? Indwelling sin under the Law. "The strength of sin is the Law." That's pretty strong, isn't it? "What the Law could not do (Romans 8), God, sending his only son in the likeness of sinful flesh, and for sin, condemned sin in the flesh"--judged sin in the flesh--"that we might fulfill the righteousness of the Law, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit." Now, walking in the Spirit means walking in the light of the risen Christ. It means believing the Gospel. "Only believe and you'll see the glory of God." If you want to see the glory of God the rest of your life, walk in the Spirit. "Walk in the Spirit" means believe that the Spirit is in you and that you're in the Spirit. That's going to save you a lot of research. Someone asked me "How do you know you're free right now?" The Gospel delivered me from the investigation. Once you're saved, you never have to check. The only reason you examine yourself now is to see if you're in the faith. If you're believing. Are you a little nervous? Just start believing. Just start praising the Lord; speak in a spiritual tongue; shout hallelujah; bless somebody. How long does it take to get rid of the devil? As long as you believe that he has the power to hinder you, you're letting him. When you believe that he hasn't and that God is running the whole show, the devil doesn't have a chance. You're rid of him. Now, it's true that the manifestation may be around for a while, but "the God of peace shall bruise Satan under your feet shortly." Just go ahead and rest and praise the Lord, and pretty soon that crushed serpent will stop wiggling. He's going to give up. Did you ever watch a little child trying to get your attention, and you didn't pay any attention, and after a while he went off to play with his toys? You watch dogs who's trained not to eat scraps from the table… he knows that the family won't give him any scraps, but when a stranger comes, he's right there at his knee, trying to con this stranger. Kids are like that. There's a new person there, and they act up. They take advantage "of the situation, because they know their parents don't want a scene. But in the Spirit realm, we don't allow this. No matter whether there’s man, devil, or whatever around, we just have 'business as usual'. Everything's just the same. We don't pay any attention. We just take our liberty. When tempted to say we're sick, we say we're well. Or we don't say anything. Because "Jesus Christ maketh thee whole." That's "divine healing". What doctrine do you believe? The doctrine of Christ. It heals you, justifies you, sanctifies you, glorifies you, all at once. The one work of grace does it all, gets you into the heavenly places, makes you ready for the coming of the Lord, that is, the revelation of divine Love. "He who has this hope purifies himself." We purify ourselves by believing.

QUESTION: How does a person minister these things?

It is impossible semantically to get a message across to anybody spiritually, from a human standpoint. It takes the Holy Spirit to make real what you have to give. Remember that when Mary, pregnant with Jesus, was visiting Elizabeth, John leapt in the womb of Elizabeth. There was communication there. And it wasn't in Greek or Hebrew. As you function in the Spirit, God is able to make known to people the reality of God - in you. Deep calls unto deep. "The Lord speaks unto my Lord." [Psa.llO] Light responds to light. The preaching of the Gospel is humanly foolish. I was speaking to an occult group in Seattle one time, and after a while someone stood up and said "Not one of us here is accepting what you say." I told him: "If you could accept it, it wouldn't be the truth." We talk about accepting Christ as our personal Savior; but none of us dot'>it. Nobody ever does. "By grace are we saved, and that not of ourselves." Because "the goodness of God leads us to repentance." , No, we 'can't take any credit. Now, it's very easy to say "I've accepted Christ" after God has made him known to you; but isn't it a little late to talk about a decision after you already know him? Peter was blessed before he could do anything. "Blessed art thou, Peter; flesh and blood have not revealed this to you, but my Father.." Peter suddenly realized who Jesus is. It's upon this rock that the Church is built~-the revelation of who Jesus is. A lot of people think that you have to do something to 'overcome'. "Who is he who overcomes the world but he who believes that Jesus is the Christ~" Once you realize that Jesus rose from the dead and that he sent the Holy Spirit, you are an overcomer before you can do anything. The new birth is a revelation. It is not that God is going to do something; it is that God is. That's the rock. "I am that I am." Now God of course is always active. God is not an idea. "He who created the ear, does he not hear? He who created the eye, does he not see?" The Spirit is always active. We're not in a séance, waiting for something to happen. If you flow in the Spirit, you don't have time to have a theory. Your theology is this river flowing in you. The spiritual life is Christ in action.

The Church is not built upon any man [Peter]. The life on which the Church rests is the creative life of God, in Jesus Christ. "Other foundation can no man lay than that which is laid." That Rock all the way through scripture is Christ. It's a stumbling stone, until we see it. It's death to us when we do see it. When the stone sank in, Goliath came to an end. And Goliath means "the exiled one." When you hear this Word, all your wooden religion comes to an end. Remember, Goliath's god was wooden? The presence of God breaks the neck of Dagon. He fell on his face before the ark of God. When you hear the word of God, your old wooden god's neck is broken. Don't screw his head back on. Don't paint him up any more. All your help is not going to help Dagon. His neck is broken. David slew Goliath with a stone, and no one in Israel could get rid of the flesh realm but David. Conventional Christendom presents a wooden religion. So-called deep teachers tell you to get rid of the Old Man, your unregenerate nature. And while they promise you liberty, they themselves are the servants of corruption, "counting unholy the blood of the covenant, trampling underfoot the Son of God, doing outrage to the Spirit of grace." Preachers of sin, putting you under the Law. If sin exists under the new covenant, the blood of Christ does not cleanse. The Old Testament blood of bulls and goats did not remove sin. "He was manifested once in the end of the age to put away sin." "We are dead to the Law by the body of Christ, married to him that is raised from the dead, to bring forth fruit unto-God." This, then, is the key to Romans 7: "When we were in the flesh, the motions of sin, which were by the Law, did work in our members to bring forth fruit unto death." Paul is saying that the Law was spiritual, just and good, but that I am carnal, sold under sin. "The good that I would, I do not." He is saying that we had to come to Christ. As he puts it in Romans 8: "There is now no judgment, no condemnation--to them who are in Christ Jesus..The law of the spirit of life in Christ has made me free from the law of sin and death." Walking in the Spirit means walking in the light of the new covenant; that's all it means. Proof of this is in Corinthians. The Word says that if the giving of the Law was so glorious that the Israelites couldn't regard the face of Moses, how can the giving of the Spirit not be far more glorious~. . the administration of condemnation -by the Law-- had no glory by reason of the ministry of the Spirit that far exceeds it. There was a great glory under the old covenant. Look at the cloud and pillar of fire that guided the children of Israel..the tremendous experience of the Red Sea. Yet, Moses didn't bring man' into the Promised Land. And Joshua didn't give them rest. "There remaineth a rest for the people of God." Only the Gospel of God--., God coming down and liberating me--brings me into rest. The reason that most of the religious world isn't entering into a rest is because they have never seen that sin has been dealt with. Oh, they have some theory of it, but they've never seen it or heard it. It's hearing that Word. As long as you take that Word as a process of reckoning, you miss the point. Your reckoning does not make anything true. The only reason you can reckon yourself dead to sin is because you ~ dead to sin. Everything under the new covenant is counting on something that is a fact, spiritually speaking. You confess the Word, and God will back you up. Good News for Modern Man translates: "The Holy Spirit has come to show the world that they are wrong about sin." The world's wrong about sin. The world thinks that sin is doing bad things. That's not it at all. Sin is serving oneself instead of God~ There are a lot of atheists who live good, moral lives in the generally accepted sense given to morality. But God says "All your righteousness--all your morality--is as filthy rags!'..because you don't worship me. There are a lot of people who wouldn't think of robbing a bank, but they won't worship God; and if you praise the Lord, they get after you. There are a lot of denominational, fundamental people out there who wouldn't think of doing any of these things..they, wouldn't smoke or drink, but they won't enter in with you in worship. They're offended if you praise God. They call you a "holy roller", a fanatic if you shout hallelujah. Yet they think that they are serving God. The Jews were criticizing Jesus all the time. And they were going around believing that they were really serving God. But they weren't serving God; they were sinning. Yet they wouldn't dream of not paying their tithes. "Thank God we're not like other people," the religious people were thinking. They wouldn't think of committing adultery. They wouldn't think of doing all these things. But Jesus said "except your righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and the Pharisees, you'll in no wise enter into the Kingdom of God."

We think, because we go to church and observe a few rules, that God notices. The truth is that the only time he notices us is when we honor his Son. I may have just gone out and done something very wrong. But then I am sorry. And I come in and give thanks to God for his justification, for his grace; and God gives me everything. The older brother said, in the parable of the Prodigal Son, "Well, look, I never did anything bad, yet I don't get anything; but look at all he did, and you give him everything." You know why? Because God said there is no difference--"All have sinned and come short of the glory
of God. We think: "I'm glad that fellow was hanged." How about you? You should be, too. That fellow got caught. Aren't you glad they haven't seen what you've done? ..we're driving along at fifty miles and hour and an officer stops us and says that I was going seventy. I'm very self-righteous.. "I wasn't going seventy, officer"; and I'm telling the truth. Of course, I don't tell him that a half-hour earlier I was going ninety. But I'm very self-righteous. He didn't see me doing that. How self-righteous we are. "Today," I say, "I didn't do anything wrong." I'm just glad I don't remember about yesterday. When we begin to see--it's in our human estate, in Adam--we see we're sinning all of the time. We recognize that Jesus said "He that sins is a servant of sin." "A strong man armed keeps his house." Now when we understand this, we'll understand what it means that Jesus was manifested "to destroy him that had the power of death, that is, the devil." How he judged the Prince of this world: And we don~' t have to get some mystical concept about this--that the foundation of sin is Adam. Make no mistake about it. "By one man's disobedience, death passed upon all." And the god of this world is man. Man has created a world, and it's coming to an end--praise the Lord. Man doesn't know how to run this world any more, did you know that? Any President we ever elect, he won't know what to do. Don't blame the President; he's doing the best job of juggling anybody could do, probably. Out robbing Peter to pay Paul; it's a con game up there' on the hill'. Trying to bluff the Russians, and the Russians bluffing the Americans.. Actually, the end of this world has come. Nothing is going to work out. Yet, everything is going to work out. The kingdoms of this world are becoming the kingdoms of Christ in God. God's coming in "as a thief"; he's pouring out his Spirit today. You know, after a while we're all going to forget about presidents; we're all going to forget about being Democrats or Republicans. Oh, what bliss: We're going to quit bugging one another with tapes, spying on one another.. Nixon wasn't the only one doing it. He got caught. Everybody very self-righteously was trying him. The Russians wonder why we were all so upset. It's normal for them. They've got everything bugged: The religious world is like that, too. "Thank God we don't believe like the Presbyterians." "Thank God I go to the right church." "I know I'm right." Wouldn't it be wonderful if we just had Jesus? Pentecostals say: "that fellow, all he's got is salvation, poor fellow." All I want is salvation. Just salvation. I don't want as much as some people have--they hate everybody. If you get too much salvation, you hate everybody. "I don't smoke; I don't drink; I'm wholly sanctified." PETRIFIED. Do you know what 'wholly sanctified' is? It's the ability to forget about sin. Forget about yourself; concentrate on Him... Holiness doesn't know sin. Holiness doesn't know anything about evil. Paul said "I would have you ignorant concerning evil." God said to Israel "How long, Oh Israel, ere you will attain unto innocency?" Salvation is becoming innocent like a little child. We've been justified as though we'd never sinned. God doesn't see sin in the universe any more. He thinks he's saved us. Too bad he doesn't have very many agreeing with him yet: Do you know what "reconciliation" is? That's agreeing with what he's done. Our sin is that we don't believe it. "Acquaint now 'thyself with him and be at peace." NOW. "Thereby good shall come unto thee." Isn't that wonderful? You don't have to run after it. "The blessings of the Lord shall overtake thee, in that good land." Isn't it wonderful? If we will just be still enough, the blessings of the Lord will overtake us. A friend of mine was walking down a black alley in Los Angeles, and he heard footsteps behind him; and he walked faster. Finally, he was so nervous that he called out "Who are you?" And a voice answered "Goodness and Mercy": 0 Following him down a dark alley.. Hallelujah. Stand still, and goodness and mercy will catch up with you and bless you.

Look at what God says: "Come unto me and be delivered, all the ends of the earth, for I am the Lord; beside me there is no other:" Some may ask, "Don't you believe in the devil?" In the Book of Job it says that when the sons of God came before God, Satan came with them. Hardly anybody goes to a prayer meeting and doesn't bring the devil along. You don't have to have another power to get messed up. Your own ignorance will do it. You don't need a lot of teaching. Your own opinions are enough to flounder you. Of course, other people are prejudiced; y~~ have opinions. Others are 'fanatical; you have zeal. Isn't it something how we can see everybody else's darkness? Wouldn't it be wonderful if I could see mine, and see through it? But: "He that believes has entered into rest." Well, are we out of our dual nature? That sinner out there doesn't have a dual nature; a sinner doesn't have sin; he is a child of wrath. He doesn't have sin; he's it. He's dead, entirely dead. There's nothing good in him. But when he's born of the Spirit, he's entirely good. Everything about him is good, because Christ is dwelling in him. "The" Son is Lord over his house forever." That "strong man armed" came to an end. Where? At the cross. When I see that Jesus was made sin and that he bore our sins, how can he have them and we have them, too? The Word says "He abolished death and brought life and immortality to light through the Gospel." Yet, you start talking like this, and you see people draw back. This is a typical Christian: "Oh, but everybody dies; don't you read the papers?" Is that where you get your revelations? The Los Angeles Examiner? The New York Times? "Let every man be a liar, but only God the truth." No matter what Christians believe, they believe in hell, right? In any theology class, if they don't have a doctrine of God, they have a doctrine of Satan. This is what's emphasized in theology. In theology, we know all about the devil, but we know very little about God. If you look in the Scriptures, you see that there's very little said about the devil, really. Read any book on Satan and watch how vague these theologians are. Amazing expertise on the origins of Satan. What imagination these writers have. We've all heard about what a high being he was. Yet you open the Bible and what a different picture you get: "He was a liar from the beginning." The devil doesn't like this kind of theology. doesn't get any glory. QUESTION: What attitude should be taken about the 14th chapter of Isaiah in the passage about Lucifer?
He "Lucifer" is a Latin word meaning "light-bearing", or "shining", and is the name the Romans gave to the morning star, the planet Venus. "Morning star", "day star", and "Lucifer" are poetic appellations. It's amazing how much teaching is based on that chapter. The word Lucifer is only used once in scripture. What is a principle of Bible interpretation? Grab one verse and believe it? No scripture is of private interpretation. You have to have other scriptures on things. "In the mouths of two or three witnesses shall every word be established." The word Lucifer only appears once in the .,Bible, and in this verse of Isaiah it is referring to the Prince of Babylon. Read the whole context. It's talking about a city and the king of Babylon, an historical figure. Look at another passage in Ezekiel where he is talking about the city of Tyre lifted up to the skies. A lot of terms in scripture are very figurative. Jesus said to Peter" "Get thee behind me, Sa tan." Peter had made a mistake. "For thou smackest of the things that be of man and not of God. "

The words man, moon, month, mind have a common origin. Our measurements come from the moon--days, months, times and years. "Man" means the measurer, literally. In Sanskrit, a language as ancient as Hebrew, perhaps more so, the word ~ means a weight. He is. He's a measurement. "Are not ye carnal and walk like [measurements] men?" Man is a bushel over light. And circumcision represents the end of man, at the cross. The foreskin, in scripture, stands for man as the veil on the head of creation, and which the priest removed. Our high priest has removed the veil. Before Israel went into the land of Promise, every male child had to be circumcised, and that place of circumcision was called the Hill of Foreskins. What the hill stands for in scripture is the revelation. that the flesh has been dealt with, and no one can get into the Promised Land until flesh has been dealt with. , Saul was the first king of Israel, head and shoulders above everyone else, and he stands for the wooden religious world. But David was the man after God's own heart. Saul was the formalist. He couldn’t get rid of Goliath, and he spared Agag. Agag is the flesh. Saul needed a fourth hand at bridge. And Agag was a nice guy. So he put him on the Board. Oh, God, deliver us from church boards: David slew Goliath; Saul let Agag be. Business as usual. Samuel, the prophet, took his sword, and Agag came out mincingly-a picture of effeminate religion. Samuel "hewed him to pieces before the Lord." The ministry of the prophetic spirit destroys the false religious spirit.

—Harry Priestly 9-29-77
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