"The Essence of a Life" by Aeterna Lumen

”Traveler” by Sasha Pepper

A child
Kicked, battered and bruised
Innocence stolen far too early
Are some paths truly destined for this?

Strong, beautiful lights
Fiercely attacked from every side
Tormentors seek to squelch and trample,
stamping and blowing at the flames
And yet they shine… they shine
Brighter and more brilliant
than the untouched

Searching lights
Continue to learn and yearn for inner strength
Looking for answers amidst the chaos and debris
Reasons for the annihilation of their innocence
Often finding peace and healing as they study the universe
and the purpose for the creation of their spirits

Weaker softer lights
succumb to the pain
Retreating and hiding in fear
Protecting themselves from being hurt again
Feeling nothing
Unable to give or receive love
Lifeless, useless earth walkers
who would join the tormentors
Rather than heal
and live a meaningful life

Abusers are everywhere
Scarring and torturing innocent souls
But they, too, could find their place to shine
If they could release their own pain
and open their minds

And the universe rolls on
Embracing all our human frailties
Encouraging us to become wakeful and aware
of the light that shines in all of us

It is your life...
Taste every second of it, feel every breath
Appreciate and accept every kindness and care given to you
We must keep our inner energy as charged as possible
and feel peace in the strength that we carry

There are no gods to blame, no rhyme or reason
Our hearts and our minds can overcome
Teaching others as well as ourselves
That there is goodness and purity in this world

The essence of a life
is to experience all that we are given
To stay strong, keep fighting, and embrace
every aspect of our experience

The essence of a life
is to live a true life
To see the open door
and have the courage to walk through it

The essence of a life
is to awaken to the light
To embrace and encourage all light
To fully realize what we are intended to be
Every stage of life allows us to learn
As long as we grab it and live it with passion and dignity

© 2012 Aeterna Lumen - All Rights Reserved

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