"Thomas Aquinas Stops Writing" - (excerpt) Anthony de Mello - THE SONG OF THE BIRD


The story goes that Thomas Aquinas, one of the world's ablest theologians, suddenly stopped writing. When his secretary complained that his work was unfinished, Thomas replied, "Brother Reginald, some months ago I experienced something of the Absolute, so all I have ever written about God seems to me now to be like straw." How could it be otherwise when the scholar becomes a seer?

When the mystic came
down from the mountain
he was accosted by the
atheist, who said sarcastically,
"What did you bring us
from that garden of delights you were in?"

The mystic replied, "I had
every intention of filling my
skirt with flowers and giving
them to my friends on my
But while I was there
I became so intoxicated
with the fragrance of the garden
that I let go of the skirt. “

The Zen masters put it succinctly:
"The one who knows,
does not say.
The one who says,
does not know."

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