"A Good Conversation" by Keith Basar


A good conversation can be quite rare.
It's beauty is it's own nature — thoroughly organic.
It springs forth from the deepest soils of our being,
aiding us in peering intricately and panoramically into the secrets of self and the Unknown.

A good conversation, like a shimmering mountain stream, cannot be forced.
Always fluid in movement, awe-inspiring by design
it unwaveringly renews us
even moving to the lowliest of places
to bring clarity to where there is clouded confusion,
then effortlessly returns to it's source.

A good conversation is healing.
making the heart feel safe and understood.
It allows for questions that otherwise might never be spoken.
And must, in those memorable moments, make you laugh!
It transcends the mundane
and unveils the mystique of the human and the Divine,
moving hearts to places rarely known.

A good conversation renews, illumines, casts darkness aside
and aids in making us all a bit more whole.
It affirms truth, direction and heartfelt love,
and gives wings to soar beyond what is,
to what might be

A good conversation is always good,
for in it we unearth deeper truths,
embrace softer hearts,
and discover deeper connections.
It is where two become one,
even if only momentarily,
to a spirited dance that is pure, penetrating and free...


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